Teaching philosophy - undergraduate education

As a professor, I will seek to use diverse activities to compliment traditional lectures, and implement alternative pedagogy (i.e., flipped classrooms, in class discussions, and/or hands-on scientific engagement) to ensure the efficient and dynamic spread of knowledge. I utilized this approach to teaching in the IB202: Anatomy and Physiology class that I taught at UIUC in spring of 2016. To ensure that all students had a common background prior to beginning a lesson, I checked completion of pre-class reading assignments using simple i-clicker questions. Then, during each class period I encouraged interaction and thinking by performing regular polling of students through verbal and additional i-clicker questions and leading discussions of core course concepts, analyses of scientific articles in the field, and hands-on, in-class exercises. Finally, I often linked course material with the latest in medical and scientific advances in this field and “ripped from the headlines” news stories, thereby increasing the relevance for students.


  • IB202 - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • ENS Lyon - undergrad/L3 and master

TA - lab - other

  • TD/activities, lab courses

  • Student mentoring