Alexa Sadier

Eco-evo-devo - Bats - Teeth - Adaptation - Noveties - Deep homology


I am an evolutionary developmental biologist. My research aims to answer broad evolutionary questions related to the evolution of animal forms to understand how species adapt to various environments, on Earth and beyond. I mainly use the diversity of bats to study the evolution of dentition, dietary and sensory systems but also mammals in general. Please find here more about my research and scicom projects!

I will be joining ISEM-CNRS in France in January 2024 !



  • November 2023: New paper out! Cochlea development and sensory systems evolution - Here!
  • November 2023: Our bat teeth research will be funded by an ERC-CoG!!!!!!!!
  • October 2023: Talk (Alexa) and poster (Marina) on bat dietary evolution at NASBR
  • September 2023: So happy to be awarded the Bat Biology Foundation expedition award to sequence new bat genomes from DR!!
  • September 2023: We got the CNSI AMLS award to image bat teeth at the core!
  • August 2023: Our paper has been highlighted by the editors as on of the 50 best papers recently published in an area! Highlights here!
  • August 2023: New paper on bat teeth out in Nat Comm! Here
    and the story behind the paper: here
  • July 2023: Invited talk ICVM 2023 given by S. Santana
  • May 2023: New paper out! Diversification of bat membranes
  • May 2023: Fieldwork in Belize, Lamanai!
  • April 2023: Fieldwork in Trinidad!


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