*January 2021*: Invited speaker - ISEM France

    *October 2020*: Bat1k speaker - GRN evolution using bat molars

    *September 2020*: New paper in ICB - Grand Challenge in teeth evo-devo

    *September 2020*: New paper in ICB - teeth GRN and dev bias

    *August 2020*: STOWER invited speaker evo-devo seminar

    *June 2020*: NSF grant on molar development and evolution, more broadly dev rules for morphological evolution is funded in FULL!

    *February 2020*: iBiology Young Scientist Seminar Award WINNER!

    *January 2020*: New review in Bioessays! Here

    *January 2020*: invited speaker SICB2020

    *December 2019*: invited seminar McGill

    *September 2019*: talk at TMD2019 Oxford

    *July 2019*: invited speaker ICVM2019 Prague

    *June 2019*: fieldwork in Cameroon!

    *March 2019*: fieldwork in Trinidad!

    *February 2019*: fieldwork in Dominican Republic!


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