Alexa Sadier

Eco-evo-devo - Bats - Teeth - Nolveties - Deep homology

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The developmental basis of morphological evolution

I am an evolutionary developmental biologist at UCLA. My research is broadly related to mammalian eco-evo-devo and aims to answer broad evolutionary questions related to the evolution of animal forms in various environments. I mainly use the incredible diversity of bats to study the evolution of dentition, dietary and sensory systems. Please find here more about my research and outreach projects!


  • May 2023: New paper out! Diversification of bat membranes
  • May 2023: Fieldwork in Belize, Lamanai!
  • April 2023: Fieldwork in Trinidad!
  • August 2022: gBatNet and IBRC Talk
  • July 2022: Invited talk PanAmEvoDevo
  • June 2022: Talk EED: Growth as regulator of tooth patterning in bats
  • May 2022: New paper in ICB! - bat teeth as a model system
  • May 2022: Fieldwork Belize!
  • April 2022: Fieldwork Trinidad!
  • February 2022: Invited speaker IGFL
  • December 2021: New preprint on BioRxiv!:
  • November 2021: NASA space biology workshop GeneLab AWG
  • October 2021: iBiology video release: Bat in technicolor!


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