Fieldwork sites and tropical bats

My model system being Noctilionoid bats, my fieldwork sites are mainly located in the neotropics, the home land of this clade. Within these field sites, the highest diversity of species is found in Belize and Trinidad. Going to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic allow us to find overlapping but also different species in other ecological contexts. Finally, Belize constitute our "mainland" fieldwork site with some variation in species number but also size. Recently, we opened our range of possible groups by extending our field sites to Cameroon in Africa.

Aside from bats, doing fieldwork in different countries is being exposed to different cultures, languages and people. Meeting and sharing knowledge and experiences with them is central in our approach of fieldwork. As an organizer or while being part of a team, we always seek to collaborate with local universities or organisms for either scientific or outreach collaborations! Want to start the journey? Look at the pictures below!