Teaching experience

I have a long-standing interest in teaching. My university in France, the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon), offered us the opportunity to get a Master 2 in teaching to prepare for “CAPES” and “Agrégation” in Life and Earth Sciences, two highly competitive national certifications for high school and undergraduate education in France. This Master 2 was optional but I decided to take this extra year to focus on teaching and extend my knowledge on educational resources and ranked 4/3300 at the CAPES national exam. When I started my PhD, I kept teaching as a part of my work and was awarded a Moniteur fellowship of 3 years. In France, PhD students are not only TAs but also teach full lectures and conceived classes and courses both at the undergraduate and grad school levels. As a postdoc at UIUC, I took the opportunity to teach the Anatomy and Physiology class (IB202) and was able to discover the US undergraduate system first-hand. Finally, at UCLA, I have been a regular guest lecturer in some courses. As a result, teaching has always been an important part of my academic life and has brought me to teach and conceive courses as various as basic biology, bioengineering, lab related courses, geology, anatomy and others (see CV) related or not to my research, in two languages, five different universities and two different countries.


Invited lectures UCLA

  • Deep DIVE into biological samples using two-photon (2020, 2021)
  • Fiat field lecture: Exploring bat diversity - how to fieldwork? (2019)

Course UIUC

  • IB202: Anatomy and Physiology, UIUC (2016)

Lectures and course supervision - ENS Lyon

  • Visiting researcher in high school for the European project COMENIUS http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/comenius_en.htm (2013)
  • Master lecture: Genomic, technics and GMO, Agregation Master ENS Lyon (2011)
  • Master lecture: Next generation sequencing, applications and evolution, Agregation Master ENS Lyon (2010)
  • Development and supervision of a whole teaching course for Bachelor and Master "Tutorat" (2010-2012)
  • Interdisciplinary lecture (for non biologists): The DNA from its discovery to now (2010-2011)


Labs and activities

  • Hormone and pathology - article analysis (2010-2011)
  • Evolution of nuclear receptors (2010-2011)
  • Cellular biology - Med school P1 (2011)
  • BLAST and phylogeny- computer lab (2010-2011)
  • Biodiversity (2011)
  • Adaptation - activity, article analysis (2010-2011)


Lab courses

  • Agregation - conception and teaching of a lab exam "TP blanc" 2012
  • Agregation - conception and teaching of a lab exam "TP blanc" 2011
  • Agregation - conception and teaching of a lab exam "TP blanc" 2011
  • Embryology BIO2010L - L2 - Université Lyon 1
  • Genetics and C. Elegans - : 3 weeks full time - 2010/2011
  • Molecular technics - : 2 weeks full time - 2010/2011

TOTAL: teaching at the ENS de Lyon/Université Lyon 1: 232 hours


PhD students

2020     Aidan Howenstine UCLA PhD student – experiment, review writing? Dissertation project “The developmental networks behind limb development”. Mentoring. Fieldwork training and mentoring.

2019     Clive Lau, UCLA PhD student – fieldwork training and mentoring.

2018     Kathryn Stanchack UW, PhD student – fieldwork training and mentoring.


Undergraduates and master students

Since 2020        Juan Mendez – undergraduate, UCLA – project conception, full supervision

2017     Natalie Nieves – undergraduate, fieldwork in Puerto Rico, summer internship in the lab, co-author.

2017-2020 Jacqueline Piekos, undergrad – mentoring, full mentoring on lab project. Fieldwork training and mentoring.

2018-2020  Michael Koger UCLA undergrad - technics: morphometrics, molecular biology, project development, thesis writing, mentoring, soon to be co-author. Thesis: « Developmental basis of cochlea evolution in bats »

2015-2017  Supervision et co-supervision of 10 undergrads - UIUC

  • Kun Yun Full supervision, co-author (Sadier et al. 2018), now PhD student at Mayo Clinic
  • Elliot Berger Full supervision, now in med school, soon to be co-author.

2011     Marc Besson – Evo-devo of ectodermal appendages: Edaradd isoforms - Full supervision (master 1 student). Project, experiments, writing.